Mission and Vision

In order to improve the quality of services provided by the Institute, as well as continuous monitoring of new and modification of existing regulations, as well as monitoring of case law, State Department officials are continually professionally by attending seminars in all areas of law.

Financial indicators of the past work of the Institute, show that saved significant funds budget Sarajevo Canton and it is quite reasonable to expect that in the coming period and the savings will be greater.

And in the future employees of the Department will provide professional and quality legal aid indigent persons to enable them to facilitate access to justice by providing free legal aid, which contributes to the strengthening of legality and the rule of law, through the engagement of professional and skilled counsel / attorney to in criminal proceedings before a competent court, in defense of duty and in the civil proceedings upon customer requests services of the Institute, or by engagement of employees of the Department by the courts of our Canton and centers for social work, as provided above legislation.

In the end, it must be noted that the defenders / proxies Institute, in addition to continuous training and involvement in criminal and civil proceedings, work on maintaining good professional relationships with all courts in the Canton area and cantonal prosecutor, as well as with other bodies, institutions and institutions, with the aim of giving its contribution to the efficiency of the judiciary.